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Add support for bitbucket server

suggested by Florian P

Hi there,
After discussing with deploy's support because I was having trouble to set up automatic deployment with bitbucket server (self hosted), we noticed that bitbucket server is not currently supported by Deploy because the payloads between bitbucket cloud and bitbucket server are different.

Find attached more details coming from bitbucket support:
I did some research on DeployHQ website and
the only thing they don't make clear is which Bitbucket - Cloud or Server? Allow me explain that to you.
They are different products. Bitbucket Server used to be called "Stash" and we rebranded it.
With that being clear, I can now explain that the seamless integration between DeployHQ and Bitbucket should be read as DeployHQ and Bitbucket Cloud.
We have a page that documents the payload sent by Bitbucket Cloud.
By reading this documentation, they knew what to expect from Bitbucket Cloud and, therefore, they wrote the implementation to expect this payload.

So, long story short, unless DeployHQ writes a seamless integration for the payload sent by Bitbucket Server
(which as I said is completely different from Bitbucket Cloud because they are actually different products)
the Bitbucket Server Web Post Hooks Plugin is never going to work out of the box.

I have already signed in to Deploy but I would be really happy if that could be implemented, it would make my workflow much easier and I think that some people would need it in the future.


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