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Support 'Switching' git branch when deploying

suggested by Daniel L

Add ability to select a different branch to pull latest commit from when deploying.
It's already kind of possible to do this by manually entering a commit ref from a different branch when deploying - but would be good to have direct support for doing this from within the interface... (i.e. pull latest commit ref from a particular brach...)
This is particularly useful when working on a feature branch, and needing to deploy to a testing server...

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (5)

  • +1 from this end. And thanks for the info on selecting a commit reference from another branch - wasn't aware there was a manual work-around :)

    posted by André T
  • + 1

    posted by Ethan R
  • +1

    posted by Rian V
  • I agree. This is a greatly needed feature. Picture this scenario...

    If I'm following the Gitflow way of branching, I'll end up having a Release branch that will be used for deploying a release to a production server. This branch won't be merged to Master until the deploy has completed successfully. Right now, the only way to deploy a Release branch for a given server is to manually switch it in the settings. That works but I think it would be far more convenient if we're able to hot switch the branch upon deploy. That way you can keep your production server set to Master but still deploy Release branches on demand. :)

    posted by Jeff W
  • +1

    posted by Lars P