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Unlink hard links before rewriting

suggested by Alex B

I'm running a dev server which creates a separate URL for each GIT branch for testing puproses.
This is currently done by cloning the master directory tree and making a differential deploy from the master's last commit to the new branch's last commit.
This is a working scenario however the project size is over 1GB and it takes lots of time and space to clone the project for each branch.
I thought about hard-link copying with cp -al (this would just create a new hard link for each file instead of copying it). This is done alsmost instantly and does not take space at all (except for a little catalog overhead). However DeployHQ seems to preserve hard links when deploying: rather than unlinking the changed files and copying over them, it edits the files in place (same as rsync --inplace). So when I do a deploy to a branch, my original files in master are overwritten.
Could you please make an option to unlink the files before overwriting them? That's what rsync does by default.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (3)

  • I second this! Please could you make this option? It will save a lot of space and time!


    posted by Olorin H
  • This would definitely help. Please implement ASAP!

    posted by Beren G
  • Staff Comment

    We've just added this option for any SSH servers, look for "Unlink existing file before uploading new version" on your server edit page.

    posted by Dan W