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ability for servers where code not deployed but specific commands run

suggested by Anthony S

it would be great to be able to configure servers that dont get code deployed to but do have commands run on them at deploy time via ssh (eg redis servers, load balancers, memcached, mysql etc)

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  • to update how i thought this might work
    you would configure servers as if you deployed code, but used the SSH/SFTP protocol and unticked a box thats ticked by default that says deploy code/files, then you would setup the commands in the ssh commands section as normal
    obviously for ordering of commands i would assume that the order of servers in the server group is the order that things would run and/or commands only servers would run pre-deploy commands before deploying code and run its post deploy commands after deploying code to other servers and running there own post-deploy commands, something like this:
    Non code servers run pre-deploy commands
    code servers run pre-deploy commands
    code servers deploy code
    code servers run post-deploy commands
    non code servers run post-deploy commands

    posted by Anthony S

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