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DeployHQ create your own deploy template

suggested by Unknown User

I am loving DeployHQ!
The one thing its missing from what i can tell is the ability to create a template from an existing project.
In the interests of consistency i get my team to deploy each technology we use (wordpress, drupal etc) in a consistent manner for that platform. We end up re-doing exactly the same steps to do this over and over. It makes sense that existing projects could be modelled on the one approach.
Of course varios things would need to be blanked:
project name
version control repository & auth
ftp/scp location and auth
Another idea would be to produce a list of all variables in a template and elect which ones to override for the project :)

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Comments (11)

  • We are in the exact same situation. Templates would be very helpful. 

    posted by Stefan N
  • +1 on that!

    posted by Unknown User
  • I agree that this would be valuable. It's also a feature available with other up-and-coming deploy/ci tools like Wercker.

    posted by Unknown User
  • +1 on that! Really needs to be added soon.

    posted by Rian V
  • +1 on this - is it being considered / in the development plans?

    posted by Ethan R
  • +1. 
    And beef up the API, its not possible to automate project creation at present. 

    posted by Kristian R
  • +1 for this.  I'd also like to see a Laravel framework template add to the basic list.  It would have, for instance, SSH commands to run database migrations and install composer dependencies.

    posted by Robert R
  • Templates would be huge. Having created my first repository, I started thinking about the next projects and kind of dread going through all of this again. Rarely is a deployment as simple as just pushing code. I always have a handful of SSH commands, database updates and even pre-deployment backup scripts (just in case the unthinkable happens) that need to run as well.
    In case it wasn't clear...+1.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Most relevant templates for us would be a server template - so when adding new projects we can pick from a list of common servers and optionally customise credentials - and config file templates - so we don't have to do the copy-paste trick to get the right format for our templates (and optionally that this template could centrally update all instances of config files that are based on it)

    posted by Unknown User
  • Would it be possible to include a file inside the repo which manages the deployment?

    E.g. a .deployhq.yml listing the before/after commands to be run and configuration variables? That way you could just duplicate this file and control the deployment this way rather than logging in and managing them via the website?

    posted by Adam J
  • Staff Comment

    We've just completed this, take a look at

    posted by Dan W