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deployment stages

suggested by Anthony S

it would be great to be able to define our own deployment stages where different/servers run there commands/deploy files
this would allow us to setup our own pseudo pre-deploy/post-deploy logic
setup 4 stages, pre deployment, main, post main and post deployment
in pre-deployment we only run pre-deploy commands on our load balancers (enable maint mode)
in main stage we run pre-deploy and code deployment on our app servers
in post main stage we run post deploy commands on our app servers
in post deploy we run post deploy commands on our LB's (disable maint mode)
this somewhat goes hand in hand with being able to have command only servers, and would allow us to reliably enable site maintenance site wide (because you limit concurrent servers deployment to 3 at a time) for the duration of deployment and only completely lift it once all code/post-deployment operations have completed

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