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Please add support to perform a connection test via the API

suggested by Unknown User

We are trying to create an internal tool that will do some "preflight checks" before we do a deployment to make sure that it works as intended - since we're usually deploying to clients' servers we never know whether something has been changed that would cause a problem without checking ahead of time or finding out the hard way. We intend to do some basic checks via SSH but would also like to be able to use the API to perform a connection test from DeployHQ to the server(s) so we can be sure that DeployHQ isn't being firewalled (SSH may work from our site, but not from DeployHQ...).
I tried just tacking on 'test' to the URL ([oursubdomain][project]/test) and if I go there in the browser (after logging in, of course) I get the test output (minus all styling, of course, since it's intended for AJAX response and the styling is in the main page). However, if I request that URL using the API key as a method of logging in, I get an error:


Sorry, something went wrong

An error occurred while processing your request. Please contact support for further information.

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Whereas if I request the same URL but instead of 'test' I request 'servers', I get proper JSON response with a list of server(s) for that project. So it appears that 'test' is not a supported action via the API but it is via the website, and we would very much like to be able to automate this via the API.

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Comments (2)

  • Awesome! Looking forward to it.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Any progress on implementing this feature?

    posted by Unknown User

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