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Project Groups

suggested by Nathan S

I would love to have some more organizational tools in Deploy --- I'm not sure exactly what to call these, either Categories or Project Groups but my thoughts would be some way to arrange sets of deployment projects together.
We develop modules and often deploy these to different locations, having the ability to group a set of modules together under a Client Name as a group or under a Platform --- would be very helpful. 
Maybe this could be just a collapse/expand group within the current single page view, or maybe it's similar to Codebasehq's setup for Projects and Repos.   Actually it would be great to borrow some other things from Codebase like Recent Activity across the Project Group, and User Assignment to specific project groups with certain roles.   I realize that we may use Deploy differently than other teams, but our deployments list is growing and it would be better to have some options like this --- sometimes the best way to see what was deployed is to go into Codebase and I think that having these details visible in some sort of Dashboard/Activity view right in Deploy would be great.
Thanks for taking the time to read this request

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Comments (3)

  • We would also find thsi very useful, as our number projects are growing and it is very difficult to get any overview of our overall system

    posted by Ethan R
  • I have a lot of project and i would love to have ability to organise them better! Please add this!

    posted by Dariusz P
  • This would be highly useful!

    posted by Jason H

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