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Reusable server authentication settings

suggested by Nathan S

I'd love to have some features for common servers within an organization for deploying --- for authorized users, a list of servers being available to apply to a Deployment account would be ideal for our workflow.  We are often deploying new "Projects" to the same servers, for development, testing and production.   In our case, even deploying to the same location on the server (as we are building modules that are installed in their own folder in that same location).
This would save us a lot of time, although I've found a workaround using browser extensions that store this info in a password tool like Roboform or Lastpass --- it's still a workaround and I would prefer to just select the server template from a dropdown and make any necessary changes to the location etc.  
Not sure how many others are often using the same servers for their deployments -- at least the base servers or accounts.

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Comments (4)

  • +1 please

    posted by Ethan R
  • I love Deploy, especially with the latest changes, but this is the biggest frustration I have with the tool right now. :)

    Very frustrating to have to keep re-entering the same exact server info... :)

    posted by Patrick S
  • Only just saw this after posting a new suggestion... +1 from me!

    posted by Jonathan R
  • Staff Comment

    Hey everyone, you can now do this with Project Templates

    posted by Dan W