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Read-only user access

suggested by Unknown User

I have a feature request for DeployHQ. We've been planning to provide project managers with access to our DeployHQ account but would like to prevent them from deploying to any servers. It would be great to offer a read-only access level for these use cases.

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  • Ah yes, the RSS feed might be an option. We do not utilize Codebase for this particular DeployHQ account and use Github instead. 
    This read-only request came up because of our use of HipChat. Whenever a developer pushes to a release/stage branch at GitHub, we have DeployHQ automatically deploy to the staging environment. The staging and production environments are under the same project in DeployHQ. In HipChat, DeployHQ shows: "Successful deployment of Client Name - 5ad83eff  â†’ 7f1c27a4 to 1 server". This doesn't designate if the server was staging or production and causes confusion sometimes with project managers. I was thinking, that a project manager could click on the SHA and be taken to the deployment log but without the ability to make any deployments. 

    posted by Unknown User

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