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Add option to connect through VPN

suggested by Unknown User

I'm in a situation where many of our client servers are only accessible through a VPN connection. In many cases (we don't have in-house tech staff available to set up a firewall tunneling solution) that rules out the use of Deploy which is very sad  :disappointed:
Would it be possible to add support to connect through a VPN?

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (9)

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    posted by Unknown User
  • Double Bump - need desperately!

    posted by Robert C
  • +1

    posted by Rian V
  • Bump

    killer feature if you make it work

    posted by Enrique G
  • Really need this

    posted by Christian S
  • +1

    posted by Enrique G
  • Need this as well for various clients.

    posted by Dennis S
  • Oh yes this will be really helpful! It's recommended EC2 instances are located within private subnets so they cannot be accessed from the internet. This is the best way to secure web nodes. This would really help.

    posted by Wasim K
  • Staff Comment

    We've now added this feature! You can find out more in our blog post at .

    posted by Adam W