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Ability to set ignore rules for different servers

suggested by Terry U

So I typically have two FTP accounts setup for each client. One to post from a development branch to a dev folder (accessed via a subdomain) and one to post from the master to the live folder. I use auto deploy for both and for the master I need everything to be deployed. However, for the dev branch it would be acceptable ignore certain folders like download folders etc that perhaps contain large PDFs and long histories of files. I would like to use the ignore part of the settings, but my understand is this would be applied to all/both servers/branches.
It would be a nice feature to set individual ignores for each server that is setup?

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (2)

  • This would be really handy. My "Projects" generally contains a dev and live server setup - many exclude file rules at the same but there are files I want to be uploaded to my dev site that should never be uploaded to the live server. Be great if this could be added.

    posted by Rob C
  • Staff Comment

    We're pleased to announce that Deploy now supports per server excluded files, for more information please see here;

    posted by Dan Q