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Shopify Theme Deployment

suggested by Unknown User

I know this is probably a far-fetched feature request but it would be pretty useful and is a niche that has very little support right now so may be worth considering. I would LOVE to be able to deploy Shopify Themes using DeployHQ. Right now there is a desktop tool for theme deployment ( and a gem ( but those are the only real options. I would rather have a deployment workflow via a remote repository though, for working with a team. The only access to themes currently is via the Shopify API
Shopify is growing rapidly (just passed 100k shops recently) and it’s a really booming market for front-end devs, but this is a big hole in the workflow currently.

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Comments (3)

  • Me again! Beanstalk just rolled out this integration, hoping to see it soon here?

    posted by Unknown User
  • Thanks, Adam - glad to hear it's on the roadmap. I've been enjoying the v2 beta, nice work!

    posted by Unknown User
  • Staff Comment

    We've now added this :)

    posted by Adam W

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