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Please add one more layer between projects and server -> environments

suggested by Unknown User

we have several environments in one project (dev,test,stage and production). Currently it is not possible to create there a satisfied configuration. We want to have different configuration for each environment. Different notifications, different configurations and so on. So i would suggest that you implement one more layer, like beanstalk does it. That gives much much more flexibility. If i want to do it now, i have to create for each environment a separate project. That is horrable. Its a time killer, because i have to configure all the same stuff again. Servergroups are currently no alternative, because i want to have different configuration for notification and so on. That is not possible with servergroups. Also i think serversgroups have another idea, and not using them as diff. environements. So please implement that. Here is an example.
/Project A (Example Project)
|-- Environment A (Development)
|    |-- Server A
|    |-- Server B
|    |-- Servergroup A
|    |    |-- Server A1
|    |    |-- Server A2
|    |    |-- Server A3
|-- Environment B (Staging)
|    |-- Server A
|    |-- Server B
|-- Environment C (Production)
|    |-- Server A
|    |-- Server B
|    |-- Server C

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