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Checklist before deploy

suggested by Christopher S

It'd be a great feature to be able to configure a checklist in which all the checkboxes need to be checked before you can actually deploy.
In my experience, deploys are rushed way too often and this "precaution" should  lower the chance of errors sneaking in a deployed version of your code.
Basically the feature would look something like this:
You set up an environment
Per environment you are able to select whether or not a checklist has to be run through first
A checklist can be created separately from an environment
Only when the checklist is filled (all checkboxes ticked), the deploy can go through
A method of "emergency deploy" should be available for, say project-lead or senior dev (this could be achieved using roles/permissions). I understand that this might defeat the purpose of having the checklist in the first place. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures though.
Alright that's it. What do you guys think?

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