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Archive Deploy Projects

suggested by Hugh D

It would be really useful to have the ability to 'archive' Deploy Projects, for occasional future use (similar to how Codebase works).  Example would be a web development firm, who may have 100's of customers, but only need to update certain projects once a year (as an example).  
A simple 'activate/deactivate' function, which eats into an 'active projects' count, would be a perfect solution.

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Comments (5)

  • I would love this feature! We never have more than 10 active projects, but sometimes you really would benefit if it were easier to restore an old project.

    posted by Viktor B
  • This would be awesome!

    posted by Jonathan H
  • brilliant idea

    posted by Florian P
  • Just what I need too.

    posted by Matthew B
  • That would be a great benefit - I manage about 50 client-websites - most have only 2 to 3 changes a year and I would to like to deploy them, too!

    posted by Christoph K

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