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Ability to set a default e-mail address for a department

suggested by Ville M

I might be blind or something, but I can't find any option (neither from v2 or v3 UI) where to configure the default e-mail address to be used for outbound communications. The agent can change the address by ticket basis but if there are multiple addresses (for example linked to different brands and different departments) which one is the default?
It seems that we've accidentally sent outbound e-mails with the address... not big harm done, but it would be nice if the default e-mail address could be explicitly configured.

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Comments (4)

  • "E-mail Routing" defines that an email received from a given address goes to a particular Department.
    There is a section in "Email Routing" called "Outbound Routing Details" where you can tick "Allow outbound", which says " Staff are able to use this address when sending or replying to messages".
    That should give you a default outbound per department - apologies if I've missed the point.

    posted by George G
  • Yes, almost there but not exactly. ;) Consider we have two e-mail addresses that both are connected to the same department. Which one of the departments are used for outbound e-mails by default -> when creating new tickets from Sirportly?
    Also I noticed that even after unchecking the box "Allow outbound" the e-mail address is still in the list for replies. Might be a bug (v3).

    posted by Ville M
  • I didn't think of that since we have 1 email address per department.
    Quick test suggests the last email address to be connected to the department wins the race to be the default.
    If that's true, I suppose it would allow you to set the default to whichever email address you want - but not very handy if you then wanted to change the default!!

    posted by George G
  • This feature would be really useful!

    posted by Vincent W

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