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Views, Rate & Comment Articles

suggested by Mitch S

Totally didn't see this idea on Desk or anything...
However, I think it is a crucial part in keeping help articles up to date is gathering feedback from people who actually read the article. The person writing it probably already knows about it, and thus might miss points, speak jargon, etc. Allowing customers to rate them and provide a comment on why they rated it enables the writers to see where they need to improve on their articles, lets face it; knowledge bases are living breathing documents that need to be current and up to date, and what better way to improve on them than feedback from the reader.
There's three ways you can go about it:
Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down (Or maybe make it different and call it "Love it or Hate it".)
5 Star Rating (Don't recommend*, as this doesn't tell you anything)
5 Start Rating with Categories (slightly recommend*, but not as much as the thumbs up/down) - example
When they click the thumbs or stars it saves it to the article, then shows a comment box underneath which they can optionally add a comment to their rating. The results from this may or may not be public. (In my opinion, the public don't need to see the rating).
Later on, in the content part when editing articles you can see "Worst Articles" and "Best Articles", allowing you to go straight in to that article, read the feedback and make adjustments, then (up to the writer) reset the ratings.
On top of that, a view counter for the articles (which can also be reset separately), and shows "Most Viewed Articles". This allows writers/support staff to see what articles may be helping the most, or the least.
* The reason I'm against the 5 stars, is because 5 star ratings really only work on a "It's good or bad" basis anyway. You can't really improve from a 4 star rating as that doesn't tell you crap. Thumbs up/down is simple. You either like it or you don't.
Thanks for your time in reading that and let me know if you have any comments on it.  :purple_heart:

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Comments (3)

  • Commenting / starring is not so important; look at your google analytics & piwik statistics which pages / keys are searched.
    This should give you some hints how to deal with quality assurance on your helpdesk.
    kind regards

    posted by Unknown User
  • Fair point, and I do have Piwik and view the stats. However it doesn't allow the customer to tell me if the content is good for them or not. If they can say "No, this didn't help" and leave a comment, then maybe I can change it so it does help.

    posted by Mitch S
  • Thumbs up/down gets my thumbs up.

    posted by Unknown User

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