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IP Restriction on Access to Cloud Account

suggested by Samantha K

We would like to be able to restrict ip access so that our cloud platform can only be used by people whilst they are in work. Is this something that could be looked at in the future please?

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (5)

  • This would have to be an optional feature to allow for the case where we have home workers, especially as home broadband ISP's may not provide a static IP.

    posted by George G
  • A good idea to help with minimising any potential additional support workload would be to automatically add the IP address that the use who initially enables the IP address restriction feature is connecting from, that way they can at least edit the list or turn the feature off again (assuming that their IP address doesn't change in the mean time). 
    Out of interest, if you're keen to lock your helpdesk down, why not use the Download Edition and host it on your own network?

    posted by Edward D
  • We like the browser version of Sir Portly because it is so accessible.
    We are happy for Directors / Managers to have 24hr access but not for all of our internal sales / admin people when away from the office. We consider some of the ticket information too confidential.  In effect we want the best of both SirPortly versions. 
    Could  tiered levels of authorised log in be possible, say,
    Level 1 = No Restriction
    Level 2 = Mon-Fri  or selectable days
                    Hours between  XXam and XXpm. (selectable hours)
    adjusted as required for homeworkers

    posted by Jon M B
  • The download edition is basically the same software as the cloud edition, but you run it on your own servers (or your hosting company's servers) instead of on aTech's servers. It's still accessed via a web browser and looks the same.

    We use the download edition on our own servers as we're a hosting company and so running servers is what we do.

    The download edition combined with a bit of firewall and VPN magic could be used to provide IP restrictions today whilst allowing certain staff to connect from anywhere.

    posted by Edward D
  • Different levels of login doesn't really provide security.
    I rarely logout and Sirportly keeps me logged in, even if I close the browser! Perhaps that should be a separate discussion?
    Perhaps a simpler method for switching off a user's access to the ticketing interface could be provided - executed by an admin whenever required.
    e.g. a tick-box alongside each user name in "Staff & Users".
    Or there could be a time-based permission that can be set for each user. However, I suspect it's not so cut & dried as that.

    posted by George G