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Please add the possibility to 'hide' (system) responses from regular view

suggested by Unknown User

I have to control with sirportly currently 16 email addresses. Each one has a signature and an auto replay response. That makes 32 responses. These responses would be better used as templates for common problems or something like that. When i click the insert button in a ticket to add some text.. i get all the signatures and auto replys. So PLEASE add a function to mark such responses as "system" responses that are not shown in the regular ticket insert button. Because there they dont have to appear.

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Comments (2)

  • Agree 100%. I think I posted something similar last year.

    posted by George G
  • Staff Comment

    If you'd like to hide auto responses from showing up in the insert drop-down, it's a relatively simple process. Just head over to Ticket Settings > Responses in the admin section. Edit the auto-response you'd like to hide, turn off global access, and make sure all departments are left unchecked. You'll still be able to select the appropriate response in the Email Routing interface, but it should clear up your insert list for the time-being.
    That being said, I've added search functionality to the insert menu in Version 5, which should make working with lots of signatures and auto-responses a lot easier. If you've got any other suggestions on how we can improve the functionality and usability of the new ticket section please let me know.
    I hope I understood your suggestion correctly, and that this resolves your issue.

    posted by Robert L

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