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redirect after merging tickets

suggested by Stefan N

After tickets are merged the old ticket id becomes inactive. Currently this results in a 404 - Not Found error when accessing the old page of the ticket. 
I think it would be much better if the page would do a 301 HTTP redirect to the ticket with the ID it was merged with. 
This should be a very quick fix. 
Our use-case where the current behaviour hurts very much is this: 

We have macros which send out notifications to our staff when a private note is added and the email includes a direct link to the staff interface. 
So now when a ticket is merged after a private note is added this direct link results in a 404. Then it becomes hard to find the new ticket…

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (6)

  • +1 for this idea.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Yeah, it would be very useful - there are all sorts of ways both customers and staff can end up with an old ticket number which no longer exists after merging.
    Also, I'm always in favour of anything which improves the audit trail.

    posted by Edward D
  • Also just from a purely architectural perspective (HTTP) this is the right way to handle content which moved somewhere else

    posted by Stefan N
  • Good idea. +1

    posted by Ryan D
  • The lacking of this feature is still a daily annoyance for us and it seems to be such a quick fix.

    Are you considering working on this?

    posted by Stefan N
  • +1

    posted by Scott T