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Automatic e-mail notifications for @mentions of other staff members

suggested by Ville M

I noticed that it's possible to mention other users in ticket updates similar way as in Codebase (with @-notation and selection the username from a popup). However it seems that there is no notification sent to the mentioned user - should it happen or does it need some configuration?
Also it would be good if the update would convert automatically to a private note if a user is mentioned (with @-notation) in the ticket update.
While @mentioning is very handy for us technical people, it would be good idea to provide also a user friendly way for these, like a bcc-style field also for private notes where a user can pick up other staff members who should receive a notification about the private note.
Best regards,

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Comments (2)

  • +1 for this.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Great Idea! We make use of Private Notes alot for internal communication and getting a notification when somebody is mentioned would be great.

    posted by Stefan N

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