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Account-wide activity feed

suggested by Ville M

We've recently notificed that it's a little bit hard to keep updated about last updates happened on our Sirportly account, by all staff members and/or contacts. Would it be possible to have something like an activity feed that would simply have a list of recent updates (from a last week or so).
21.1.2015 15:35 Chris Customer responded to the ticket XX-12345 "Ticket subject".
21.1.2015 15:30 Ville responded to ticket XX-12345 "Ticket subject".
21.1.2015 15:29 Chris Customer sent a new ticket XX-12345 "Ticket subject" via
There is already very good log history per ticket, it would be enough if those log entries would be simply listed on one screen and somehow aggregated per minute - per ticket. Some of the entries could be also hidden from the activity feed.
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