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Macro for when a custom property is changed

suggested by Unknown User

I'd like to request a new Macro for sirportly. We need to be able to detect when a custom attribute on the "Ticket Details" page for a ticket is changed. The only way we currently seem to be able to do this is to do an hourly poll to see if anything has changed. We'd like to be updated as soon as it has changed.

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Comments (2)

  • I would like this also. It would be good to have a macro for whenever ticket details are changed, e.g. tags, subject?

    Right now I can get the changed details I want whenever another Macro triggers, but I would rather there be a "catch-all" style Macro for "Whenever a Ticket detail changes", for example.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Staff Comment

    I'm pleased to tell you that we've now added a Macro automatic option for ticket subject changes :) You'll find it in the list of options as "Whenever a ticket subject is changed" when configuring one.

    posted by Adam W

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