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Setting default Status, etc. for tickets created through interface

suggested by Unknown User

When creating a ticket through the UI, the Status of a ticket is not visible until you expand the Actions section. The dropdown is sorted alphabetically, and it defaults to the first item in the list. For us this is not "New", but rather "Closed" - If the user does not change this (and we would like to be able to create tickets with the least amount of data entry as possible), we get tickets opened in a "Closed" state.

We currently have a Macro to deal with this, but this is less than ideal due to our integration with our other systems.

I would like to request an administration setting to allow me to choose a default for the drop down lists within the Action section. I have this functionality for the inbound emails, and where we create tickets through the API, we must supply the name/ID of the status, and in our applications have ensured this is "New"

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  • Staff Comment

    We've now added support for this in Sirportly :) Head to Ticket Settings -> Statuses, then you'll be able to reorder them by clicking to drag a particular status up or down the list using the blue arrows.

    posted by Adam W