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"Tags" improvements.

suggested by Matt M

Tags could be far more useful but there are some horrible limitations.

- It would be nice to be able to use tags in filters, specific ones and *all* (for any ticket that has a tag). This would allow tickets to be tagged without using departments or statuses.

- Create a filter with all tags showing in a table column, just as subject, date, contact would be.

- An *all* option for remove tags in a Macro. Currently you have to add each possible tag one by one. We remove all tags once a ticket has been archived.

- Ability to pull a known tags (i.e those attached to tickets) via the API, or show a tag cloud or similar. This could then be used to easily tag tickets for similar incidents, i.e an outage where you want to be able to identify all those tickets if they are in the same status, i.e "investigating" - useful when dealing with lots of tickets.

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