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Restrict agent's access to tickets by department

suggested by Alex C

There is only way to restrict agent's access to tickets, this setting reads "Do not allow access to tickets unless they belong to a user's team?" This means that as soon as a ticket is escalated, the agent would lose access to the ticket. Agents regularly want to update tickets that are assigned to other teams.

We would like the ability to restrict an agent's access to tickets by department.

For example, we may allow an agent access to tickets assigned to the Customer Care department and the Sales department. But not the Finance department.

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Comments (1)

  • We want to be able to restrict by department, but still to have team visibility of tickets within the department for escalation purposes.

    For example, I want to have an escalation path for Customer tickets so that agents can still see an escalated ticket to the 2nd line team, but that they cannot see tickets for a different department.

    posted by Unknown User

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