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Linked tickets

suggested by Edward D

I'd love to see a way to link related tickets together, so that we have an easy way of seeing other tickets which have been marked as relevant to the current ticket.
For extra bonus points, a way for customers to link their previous tickets would also be a nice to have, but I'm mostly thinking about this from an admin point of view as I suspect that 99% of customers would never make use of such a feature.
At the moment, we are having to do a crude form of this by adding private notes with the ID of other tickets, which is time consuming and not easily browsable.
The two obvious use cases that I can think of for this are:
Where a customer has raised a new ticket reporting a re-occurance of a previous issue, it would make sense for a member of staff to be able to link the old and new tickets together so that anyone viewing either ticket can easily see that there are other relevant tickets which may have additional useful information
Where a problem is affecting multiple customers, so we can easily track the underlying problem under a master ticket and see a list of all child tickets which need to be updated once the problem has been resolved.
Obviously we'd like to see some form of easy to use picker for selecting which tickets to link, similar to the one used for merging tickets.

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Comments (5)

  • This would be super useful. One way to go is to have parent/subtickets. Also when ticket is split from another one, it would be nice to have some relation between those to (it now adds a mention to a ticket log - it would be nice to have that clickable at least).

    posted by Antti P
  • I think the parent / Sub Ticket is a must feature when you need to get 3rd party suppliers to undertake tasks relating to teh original support case.
    For example, you may have a user report a hardware issue and it looks IT related, however the fix involves the purchasing department returning the goods based on warranty. You need to be able to create a sub ticket linked to the original ticket with the warranty request, and then when that ask has completed, you can then update the original task with configuration or advise based on the new or fixed equipment.

    posted by Craig P
  • We currently resort to our email client to get contractors involved, so we would vote for the parent/child ticket functionality as well as the linked tickets idea.
    Another possibility would be to enable the selection of a second contact (the contractor) for a Post.
    Perhaps you could have tick-box selection of the contact before posting.
    Have I seen this idea in another suggestion?
    Contractor replies would obviously have to be picked up by the ticket for this to work.

    posted by George G
  • Also want to see this. Especially the corresponding with supplier link. Even allow side by side viewing.

    As a workaround you can add a custom field and paste the link to another ticket in their. However this is non-clickable.

    Another thing we have been looking at is using Data Frames to show linked tickets but Sirportly doesn't seem to send custom data when requesting Data Frames making this difficult to implement.

    posted by Andy G
  • Staff Comment

    We've implemented this today :)

    posted by Adam W