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Test e-mail messages

suggested by Edward D

Would it be possible to make Sirportly delete the test e-mail messages that it generates once they have been checked?
At the moment, they are just marked as read, like any other messages once it has been imported. This means that we end up with quite literally thousands of unnecessary "[Support E-Mail Testing] Test E-Mail for ''" messages building up in the inbox.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (4)

  • Sirportly will never show you the test emails that it sends. Sirportly has no way of removing them from your mail server once they've been delivered, so you should change your forwarding settings to delete those emails. Alternatively you can completely disable the sending of these test emails.
    I don't see the e-mails in Sirportly, but I do see them if I have to access the IMAP mailbox which Sirportly imports them from for any reason.
    One of the things that I really like about Sirportly compared to our previous support software is that it uses IMAP instead of POP3 for importing e-mails, so we have a full archive of messages available on the server which can be very useful for going back and finding something, looking at an e-mail with weird formatting that didn't import properly, viewing the headers on a message or simply for feeding any junk messages to our anti-spam system for training.
    As Sirportly is connecting to the mailserver via IMAP to check that the e-mails have been received, it should be quite simple to delete the test messages instead of just marking them as read.

    posted by Edward D
  • Thanks Jack :)

    posted by Edward D
  • Excellent, we'd very much appreciate this too!

    posted by Mark B
  • Wow, quick turnaround, thanks Jack!

    posted by Edward D