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Improvements for 'reply by email' and account setups

suggested by André T

We recently ported one of our projects from HelpScout to Sirportly, however the one downside to Sirportly right now is how the setup / config of support personnel replying to customers through the email interface.
It may be a config setup (thus by default, being too confusing), however I'd like to see improvements in the email interactivity. Several use-cases exist for us (one being spending quite a bit of time on the road), to respond to customer support inquiries via email (and to see a history of comms on that ticket). Maybe there is a way to set this up, but IMO, there are already a few too many 'config options' to select from and I don't have the time or inclination to dive into the setup.
I'd also like to see a more succinct setup guide (almost stepped process) for Sirportly or at least an on-boarding process to make sure that I do have everything setup properly. Due to the volume of config options (which are great, but a bit scary), I always wonder if i've missed the one checkbox that'll make our staff's lives easier. 

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Comments (3)

  • I would also like to see some more email control. A feature we had in Zendesk which I miss was the ability to forward an email to Sirportly to create a ticket. Useful for when customers email me directly and I want to import it in to the helpdesk.

    posted by Andy G
  • I was just about to +1 to Andy's comment! Will check out the blog post instead

    posted by André T
  • As a GAPPs user we don't have a Forward as Attachment option :(

    posted by Andy G

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