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Preset auto-responders

suggested by Brett N

Upon new account creation, I think there should be preset auto-responders or at least the ability to create these. For example it's a common use case for when people create new tickets to get an auto-reponded message that says "Thanks for the info, your ticket number is #123123, please reply to this message to include more detail to your ticket, we'll get back to you ASAP" or something similar. 
As a new Sirportly user, the functionality is a bit overwhelming and it's hard to get to that point where you can do that kind of stuff. 

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Comments (5)

  • Yeah, a couple of these sort of out-of-the box type features would have been nice when we first set it up :)
    I love the flexibility that Sirportly provides, but it took a bit of time to get everything set up the way we wanted because we had to think of all these sort of common auto-replies.

    posted by Edward D
  • Definately a thumbs up from here too...
    One of the questions I am asked whenever I suggest a solution to one of my clients (generally software / marketing agencies) is 'How long is it going to take to implement'...
    On at least one occasion when I have suggested that Sirportly would be ideal, the time required to configure and implement was a deciding factor in the decision to not use Sirportly.
    Whilst of course the flexibility and feature set of Sirportly is a key attractor, reducing the initial setup time for 'Typical' installation would (IMHO) have a positive effect on the adoption rate...

    posted by Daniel L
  • I've been using Sirportly since it very first came out. When I saw the lack of auto-responders I immediately suggested this as something that needed to be added in. Even if it wasn't automatic, it should be like an "installable package". I'm an independent consultant and I've evaluated many platforms; everything from hosted platforms like Zendesk to roll your own like OTRS. I can say with confidence that Sirportly is the best mix I've found of rich product features and customization that isn't **over-complicated**. Customization is very easy and the interface is fantastically clean. Also, the API integrations offered are really quite nice and well thought out. 
    I don't think you should steer away from Sirportly because of this. It's a couple hours tops to get these set up right. I've set it up for clients before and it's really not THAT big of a deal. 
    I do however believe that built in defaults would likely increase the rate of adaption. You shouldn't have to hire a consultant to run the product. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of going with a fancy provider who does it all for you. :)

    posted by Brett N
  • I was also super confused at first that there wasn't any kind of autoreply. Also - I have no clue how it maps the tickets without ticket reference? Analyzes the quoted content on email? It seems to work very well on my tests, but I want to have better undestanding before going live.

    posted by Antti P
  • Yeah, I think that is nice solution - just a confusing at first, since getting autoreply with some kind of ID# is pretty much expected norm I think. Ticket references are also helpful, when tickets needs to be referenced on other context (phone calls, meetings, other software etc).

    posted by Antti P

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