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Integration with Capsule CRM

suggested by Tom I

Just a quick one.
It would be really awesome if you guys could work on an integration with Capsule CRM. We're using those guys to store all our customer info at the moment, and it would be nice not to have to replicate that in Sirportly.
They already do integrations with ZenDesk and some other folks, but I would prefer to use Sirportly, because I like the features, price and integration with our Codebase account.
Please... make it so!  :)

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Comments (4)

  • I hope integration with Pipedrive is included.

    posted by George G
  • How are you guys getting on?

    posted by Tom I
  • Tom, out of interest, what in particular are you looking for in terms of the CapsuleCRM integration?
    I see the ZenDesk Integration allows you to:
    See and create a Capsule contact from within a Zendesk ticket
    Create tickets form inside a contact's page in Capsule
    Would this functionality be similar to what you're after in Sirportly, or are you primarily after Capsule contact information from within Sirportly?

    posted by Unknown User
  • I'm currently looking into different CRM systems, as I don't think Capsule is flexible enough or closely enough integrated with Google Apps for our needs.
    Is there a CRM that you recommend, and which you're going to be integrating with Sirportly shortly?
    I was looking into Insightly, Base and will check out Pipedrive that you mentioned above too?
    The main thing I would want to be able to do is selectively synchronise contacts between the CRM and Sirportly.
    So I could make sure that paying customers were contacts in Sirportly, and could be identified as such there, to make it easier to assign the appropriate SLA priority etc.
    Also, in Sirportly, you currently add contacts whenever a ticket is received - I think you need to make it easier to manage the Contacts section - so that perhaps everyone does get added to an All tag or folder, but I can have actual Customers and Prospects as different tags (perhaps this can be synchronised with the CRM). It could also be handy to do mass move and mass deletion actions too.

    posted by Tom I

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