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Live/dynamic filters

suggested by Edward D

I'd love to see the ability to filter tickets dynamically in Sirportly without having to create filters in the admin section first.
Sometimes I just want to look at tickets in a particular department or with a particular status or priority, and it's annoying to have to go into the admin UI and create a pre-defined filter just to do this. It's time consuming to do, not available to all users and clutters up the left hand bar.
It would be nice to have some options in the normal ticket interface to filter tickets by the various available attributes on the fly. Perhaps in the form of an advanced search page, as this would be particularly powerful when combined with the ability to search individual fields?
A little birdie tells me that something like this might be coming with the new UI in v3?

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Comments (2)

  • Any eta on v3?

    posted by Antti P
  • Thanks Jack, very much appreciated.

    posted by Antti P

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