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Forward emails into SirPortly

suggested by Pavel U

In regards to I think this feature is simply amazing. For how many personal emails I get it's crazy and would definitely help. HOWEVER, I use for my personal email, and there's no option to forward as attachment.
PLEASE find a way to do it differently :)

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (5)

  • Hi Pavel,
    Google might not have a forward as attachment but thunderbird does. Have you tried this feature using thunderbird or any other email client? Just a thought ...

    posted by Khaled -
  •  Yeah I know... but I'm so used to gmail interface that I simply refuse to use any "app" for email. I'm sure there are many like me :) I'm just thinking there might be another option to make it work besides sending it as an attachment. Some tag we can add upon forwarding, that sirportly would recognize.

    posted by Pavel U
  • Definite +1 from here...
    I've run into this issue a few times myself... and ended up just copying and pasting into a private note, so that at least it is visible within Sirportly...
    I use Gmail interface exclusively (multiple GApps accounts with different client's, + my own GApp account) - and it would not be manageable to me to move away from that just for this feature - but would love to see a way of doing it with normal forwarding.

    posted by Daniel L
  • +1 
    A workaround for Gmail.
    Next to the Reply button is a dropdown which has the "Show Original" link. Click this. Copy the entire contents into notepad or text editor and save it as email.eml
    Then attach this to a Gmail message and send it to Sirportly.
    Woudl be nice if there was just a forward as attachment option though.

    posted by Andy G
  • I think      Email Tags     will solve this.

    posted by Pavel U