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New variable tag for Responses section

suggested by Pavel U

We're using the following "Let me check" Response feature, with the code:

Hi {{customer.first_name}},
Let me check into this for you and email you back as soon as I have an update.
Now the problem:
If the ticket was submitted by user "A", and later was updated by someone who was copied on the ticket, let's call them user "B", and we use the above Predefined Response, it grabs name from person "A" - original ticket author, instead of name "B" that was last responder.
Ideally, it would grab customer's name that was the most recent/last. If that makes sense.
Maybe create a tag called "customer.last_reponder"

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (1)

  • Staff Comment

    We've now added new variables to fetch data from ticket updates, for more information please see the following help article.

    posted by Dan Q