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Draft Replies

suggested by Matt F

Draft/Staged replies to tickets will enable all sorts of scenarios:
Agent X could write something and then ask management to check because client is VIP tagged
Agent Lazy could want to go home early and say to Agent Y to just put the coupon code in ticket 1234 and send it
And for us for using the API to help answer tickets:
Ticket is regarding property A during dates X1 to X2 (the permutations cant be covered by templates unless we generate 1.2 billion of them), populate a reply with the details of the property and dates and get the agent to check it over and add a personal comment or answer any specific questions.
Ticket is regarding a support issue, use natural language process to generate a sensibly written response, get Mohammad to check it over and send it.
Also I think general functionality underlying draft replies could enable resending, edit and resend, and so forth, save as template etc.. Basically making replies first class entities in the system

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