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Merge contacts in Sirportly

suggested by Dylan V

I'm looking for a feature that I know exists on Zendesk (which I use for a client of ours).
It is "Merge contacts"
Use case:
- Mr. Customer mails us from
- He then replies from his iPhone which used
- And switches to his private computer where he has defaulted to
It gets worse when Mr. Customer files separate tickets from separate addresses.
We will need to "merge' all these into one Contact to properly support Mr. Customer.
This feature exists in the Sirportly API ( but it is not available in the Sirportly applications (I checked with support).
Please make Merge contacts available in Sirportly. This is a dealbreaker for us.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (5)

  • +1

    posted by Pavel U
  • +1 along with being able to merge contacts twitter and facebook.

    posted by Andy G
  • +1 from me, but how would this deal with replying to a contact that has multiple email addresses.
    One can envisage 3 options -
    1) our reply would go to the address of their last post;
    2) our reply would go to their preferred address, as defined in the contact details;
    3) our reply would go to all their addresses to make sure our reply is read.
    We would probably go for option 3, at least as the default.

    posted by George G
  • No, the reply should go to the channel by which the request was initiated. This can be the customers Twitter account, a post on the Facebook page or one of the customers email addresses. You should never spam all of a customers channels :-)
    Of course, being able to switch the reply channel is important. Sometimes you want to take a discussion off Twitter into e-mail.

    posted by Dylan V
  • We don't use Twitter as most of what we deal with is sensitive, but we are in the situation described by your original post where a customer may use company and personal computer plus mobile email addresses.
    We don't regard mobile as a reliable channel for important communications, but we might send to all channels to ensure the fastest possible receipt.
    Our customers need to be reached at work, home and on holiday, and would not usually see this as spamming.
    f someone asked for all responses to go to a preferred address, we would of course comply.
    Hence, as you say, being able to choose and switch the reply channel is important.

    posted by George G