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E-mail routing tweaks

suggested by Edward D

I recently gave out a short version of one of our e-mail addresses for a potential customer to contact, but forgot that I hadn't added it to the e-mail routing options in Sirportly and so their e-mail was never imported into a ticket which resulted in an embarrassing delay in replying - whoops!
Anyway, after adding the offending e-mail address to the e-mail routing options in Sirportly, this got me thinking of a couple of tweaks which could be made:
The ability to add multiple e-mail addresses (either aliased domains or even unique addresses for maximum flexability) to one e-mail routing entry - currently you need to duplicate several settings when you have multiple e-mail addresses that go to the same department, which can get tedious both when adding the initial entry and if you then subsequently need to change something for all the entries for that given department.
The ability to specify a default e-mail routing entry which catches any e-mails that don't match any other configured entries.
I should probably say that we're a download edition customer and we do our importing via IMAP. On our mail server, we have a single mailbox which is used by Sirportly and all of the e-mail addresses are aliased onto this mailbox.

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Comments (1)

  • Thumps up! We also have some smaller Probleme because we have a lot of Aliases for our addresses. 

    posted by Stefan N

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