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Auto Suggest Answers

suggested by Unknown User

With other helpdesk software like zendesk/ they have the ability to auto suggest couple of articles from knowledge base/ user discussions based on the contents of your support ticket request (either via support center, or via a web form)  Allowing customers to get an immediate answer (assuming you have a good knowledge base)  I included an example from
[attachment=21:desk example.JPG]
I would find this feature very useful in convincing me to use sirportly for our support software as there are many cool features that other software does not use.  But the ability to suggest an answer to a customer question before they submit a ticket cuts down on many support requests as some customers dont bother searching before sending a request.  I believe this would be a rather simple feature to add as the built in search for the support center is already great.
A simple way to do this would to just run a search  based on the message subject and show the results, with future improvements to this actually searching the message body which I imagine would be a little more complex.

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Comments (6)

  • I think this is a good idea so it gets my +1

    posted by Khaled -
  • +1 here as well, although it needs to be a good algorithm (I have no idea how these work) as some implementations that I've seen are so wonky that they suggest knowledge base articles with absolutely nothing in common with the ticket that you're raising, which then leads to users just completely ignoring the entire suggested articles bit as they are expecting it to always be irrelevant.

    posted by Edward D
  • It would be usefull if we could use this option for making new filters.
    For example: when i like to search all tickets at his moment for the word "ODB" i have to make a tag, and enter this tag on each ticket with a issue about ODB.
    This is a procedure which goes wrong easily, people sometimes forget to add this tag to a ticket. So ouw overview later is not correct.
    When we can make a filter that contains the ODB in the message body, this will be a more relaible overview.

    posted by Unknown User
  • +1 from me too on this.
    However it would be just as useful to agents, when replying to the ticket so they could add a link to it.

    posted by Tim D
  • +1 from me, too.
    We are already looking at using the API and customer data frames to do this for support staff, but an integral solution would be better.

    posted by Unknown User
  • +1

    posted by Mitch S