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Ability to track time + closer integration with CodebaseHQ

suggested by Oskar S

It would be great to be able to log time against tickets.
It would also be great to link certain client emails to certain projects in CodebaseHQ.
e.g. "" belongs to Codebase project "ACME Web app".
That would then open the door to be able to push time logged against Sirportly tickets into CodebaseHQ for centralised time tracking across a project (both support staff working in Sirportly and dev staff working in Codebase).

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Comments (1)

  • Oskar - +1 on your suggestion. We are just thinking how to keep track on cross-references between Codebase tickets and Sirportly tickets. I would definitely love to see that when an issue (whether it is a bug or feature or anything) is closed in Codebase, the appropriate Sirportly ticket would get updated and at least the agent notified. The support agent could then contact the customer about the fixed issue or a feature.

    posted by Ville M

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