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Individual notification

suggested by George G

Macros are very flexible, but only allow internal emails to the assigned user or assigned team.
When a staff response is overdue, we would find it very useful if an email could be sent to a specific user.
I think this can be done if we re-assign the ticket to a team that only contains that user, but we don't want to re-assign.
Is there a way to achieve this?
If not, could the Macro features be extended to include the ability to email a specific user?

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Comments (3)

  • So far, I don't see how I can use a Timer to notify or email a specific user unless that user is the assigned user or in the assigned team.
    We would like to alert the assigned user about their overdue tickets, but also alert a specific user who is a supervisor - and no other users.
    For that to work, the assigned user and the supervisor would have to be the only users in the assigned team.

    posted by George G
  • Emailing alerts to another team might be another option to consider.
    We might want to notify our "supervision" team when tickets are overdue, rather than following an escalation path that assigns the ticket to supervision.

    posted by George G
  • George,
    I have something similar requested already, too:

    posted by Pavel U

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