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Faster ticket navigation

suggested by Jesse V

As a previous user of Gmail and a new user of Sirporty, I find navigating tickets to be cumbersome.
I have to return to the list view after every action. 
Allow me to navigate to previous/next ticket without returning to the list view (extra step). 
Specifically, I'd like to view the detail view of the next ticket after clicking on a default (the 'Delete then Mark as Spam' creates extra steps) or custom macro button. 
Benefit: Reduced time/clicking

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (2)

  • As another person moving from Gmail, I'm also finding ticket navigation a bit cumbersome.
    Gmail have a fantastic feature called 'Send and Archive' where you can post your response and then be taken back to the inbox. Being able to add new macros that allow you to perform functions including ticket navigation would be great.
    For example: Resolve and Go Back to List

    posted by Fergus M
  • You can do that, but what would be really nice, is a "send and next" button: send this update, and give me the next ticket in the filter I was in...

    posted by Unknown User