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Insert Pre-written Responses in New Tickets

suggested by Fergus M

Just noticed there's no option to insert pre-written responses in new tickets (IE on the 'New Ticket' page). This would be very useful.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (2)

  • Brilliant, I had just emailed sirportly requesting this. I had been meaning to for sometime.
    This really could be a useful feature. Jack mentioned I should post it in the forum, but good to see there is already a suggestion from Fergus.
    I often have to create new tickets, for example when contacting a customer for the first time or following up from a phone call. Having the pre-written responses would be very useful.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Just had a request for this feature from one of our users.
    There is a workaround, thanks to Edward Dore - see
    You can create an empty ticket by putting the subject in but leaving the message blank. This then takes you to the normal ticket interface where you should be able to insert a response message with pre-written response.
    I'd still like to have the ability to insert a pre-written response in the first post!

    posted by George G