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Define watch settings

suggested by Unknown User

Would it be possible to let the admins define the watch settings of tickets/lists? At the moment every user receives notifications from updates within every ticket that he or she has posted a reply to. 
This can cause in a large sum of notifications after a short while.
Therefor I would like to modify this setting myself so that some or no users automatically watch a ticket when they posted a reply. Each user should be able to define himself as a watcher of a ticket/list. 
Another option to possibly add is that a user automatically watches a ticket that is assigned to him/her/

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Comments (2)

  • Anyone had a look into this feature request(s)?

    posted by Unknown User
  • One simple thing that I think would help - allow Filters to have a column that shows which tickets a user is watching.
    Perhaps that could be squeezed into V3?
    For admins, a column that shows who is watching a ticket might also be useful, although the column might get crowded.

    posted by George G

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