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Time Tracking

suggested by Unknown User

A Suggestion for the Sirportly Helpdesk-System
I miss the function to track working time on tickets.
I've seen this on several other helpdesk systems to add time spend on a ticket via a start/stop/pause button.
This is useful to see the ressource costs of every ticket - additional there must be a report to list all time spend (from different peoples) on a ticket.
User1 worked 1 hour on Ticket #1
User2 worked 2 hours on Ticket #1
Total worked time 3 Hours for Ticket #1
If another ticket with the same effort should take around 3 Hours to resolve - So I can manage this and can give this ticket to a person with enough ressources.
Hope to see this feature soon - I guess it's very useful for every company to track this!

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Comments (2)

  • +1
    it would be even better if this time tracking could also be used for billing customers for PAID support. 
    So you can mark a ticket as BILLABLE, at which point the customer is charged for the worked time.
    in fact I am going to make a separate suggestion for this.

    posted by Unknown User
  • +1. This would be super helpful

    posted by Stefan N

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