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Better integration with CodebaseHQ

suggested by Mauro D

Is it possible to make a 'better' integration with Codebase? Following two things would help us:
1. Escalation to more than one Codebase projects.
-> Now we can export the Sirportly tickets only to one codebase project. But we need to export the tickets in 6 different codebase projects. Now we have to export the tickets in one codebase project, then search this ticket in codebase and move it to another project. I'd like to create 6 macro buttons and each one export the ticket to the right Codebase project.
2. Post Codebase link as a private update.
->; If we exported a ticket to Codebase I have to open Codebase in a new browser window/tab and search the ticket. If the link to the codebase ticket would be posted as a private update in Sirportly I don't have to search it.

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Comments (1)

  • Adding to this, it would help tremendously if a Sirportly ticket that was connected to a Codebase ticket would have a visual indicator that "programming is being done". Of course you can add a tag, but the support staff should need to see that the ticket is now being worked on in Codebase.

    posted by Dylan V

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