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Ability to mark "initial response" as private when creating a new ticket from staff UI

suggested by Ville M

When creating a ticket behalf of the user, Sirportly automatically sends a "initial update" to the requestor. It's definitely useful for some occasion, but sometimes we just initiate a new ticket with some staff comments and reply to the customer later. So it would be nice if we could set already the initial update as private. Or even better it would be if we could add a private update and initial reply to the customer in same page - very much same way as you can do in the Follow-up tab.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (7)

  • Not too clunky, well spotted.

    posted by George G
  • You can create an empty ticket by putting the subject in and but leaving the message blank. This then takes you to the normal ticket interface where you can then insert the first message as a normal private note.
    It's clunky and hardly intuitive, but it works.
    Yes, this is a suitable workaround, but as said, hardly intuitive. And needs one unnecessary click and a page load. ;)
    That would be nice if the initial response could default to be private (this could be changed from some preferences) to avoid private replies going to the customers by mistake. I am working with one of our customer to help they implement Sirportly as their customer service tool. They create tickets during the phone calls and with their previous tool there have been some embarrassing situations when the agent has forgotten to click the initial description private and it was posted to the customer. Multitasking is hard sometimes.

    posted by Ville M
  • Private notes going public is a general concern, but is clearly a higher risk if you convert a lot of phone calls into tickets.
    Making the default initial response be private seems to have no significant disadvantage, so I'd vote for that.
    We re-assign quite a lot of tickets and often make private notes at that point.
    For this general case, having a "Private Note" button alongside the Post button would reduce the risk.

    posted by George G
  • I would like to request the same feature.
    The e-mails sent to client on ticket creation are unwanted. The "do not sent" option is possible, but easy to forget.
    I would like to see that the "do not sent" option could be made the default setting :-)

    posted by Unknown User
  • You can also use Ed's workaround to insert a pre-written response in the first post, which is otherwise not possible.
    I've just posted that in

    posted by George G
  • I believe this option is now in the cloud version. Works nicely!

    posted by Andrew T
  • Looks good!

    posted by George G