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Extend Ticket Reference Scheme

suggested by Unknown User

I'd like to see an option to include a sequentially incrementing number (basically an autoincrement DB column value for the ticket).
One of the drawbacks of the current scheme is that it's not easy to get a feel for how old a ticket is. You can include the date, but then another 6 random digits need to be added. This makes a reference that's way too long to take in at a glance.
Something like %6t, which would generate a ticket number with leading zeroes with a minimum of six digits (e.g. 001234) would be brilliant.

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Comments (1)

  • I agree, I  like a reference like this:
    The first two digits stands for the year, the second two for the month and then a sequentially incrementing number (first ticket of the month is 13-12-000001, second is 13-12-000002 and so on)
    So you can see ticket 13-12-000042 is older than 13-12-000546. Also you can see how many tickets you made this month without open the statistic. You have the option to create 999999 tickets a month, which should be enough even for really big companies.

    posted by Mauro D

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