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Public Holidays

suggested by Unknown User

I'm starting to make significant use of timers for ensuring things happen when they should - or at least don't get forgotten about.
An issue I've come across is the lack of ability to define public holidays in schedules - perhaps we need a new "calendars" category?
At the moment if I want to allow, say, two working days for a customer response before prompting staff to get in touch, sending an automatic email, etc., I have found that these timers continue to run over holidays (tomorrow being a case in point). I would really like the option to skip over these non-working days.

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Comments (3)

  • +1 from me. I wonder if this feature has been improved in V3?

    posted by George G
  • Yes - this is an important feature. Also should have the option to add "closed days". For example; many businesses close on days between Christmas and NYE so you do wan't to have tickets failing in this period.

    posted by Andrew T
  • I didn't realise how much we would need this until this Christmas! it played havoc with our reports :-/

    posted by Dan B

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